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  • 08.05
    ax Inc. acquires all shares of MotionPortrait Co., Ltd.
    ax Inc. has decided to acquire all shares of Motion Portrait to accelerate its business in the machine learning (AI) domain. Securing excellent AI engineers against the rapidly expanding AI market is a current issue, and the acquisition of shares this time is a motion portrait that can cope with development projects with high technological difficulty. The goal is to maximize development synergy between the technology and the leading development personnel based on it. Also, from now on, advanced technologies related to deep learning (AI) owned by ax and by combining our IP license, image recognition and image processing technology, we will work to expand services in the AI ​​area provided by the Accel Group. In particular, by integrating the image recognition system provided by MotionPortrait with the advanced image recognition system using AI, which is equipped with "ailia", new value is provided to customers, and existing customers are cultivated We believe that we can create new customers.

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  • 07.17
    ailia SDK that realizes high-speed deep learning inference is adopted in the CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
    CLIP STUDIO PAINT, an illustration / manga / animation production software provided by Celsys Inc. announces that the deep learning framework "ailia SDK" developed and provided by ax Inc. and AXELL has been adopted.

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  • 06.25
    ax Inc. acquired all shares of bitcraft Co., Ltd.
    ax Inc. acquired all shares of bitcraft Co., Ltd. ax Inc. aims to rapidly expand the scale of its business centering on the software (mainly middleware, AI) business. In order to accelerate the growth of our company in this software (mainly middleware, AI) business, in addition to the fact that active recruitment of AI engineers etc. is essential, it is a global that transcends national and language barriers. We recognize that acquiring human resources is an important issue. This time, our company acquires management rights Bitcraft Inc., in addition to the high level of technical capabilities of its members, is comprised of human resources who do not speak Japanese as a native language, making it a global leading technology company. As we aim to be successful, we also expect to contribute to global business development.

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  • 05.22
    Established ax Inc.
    We have decided to establish a company for the purpose of early commercialization in the machine learning and middleware fields. In addition to the AI ​​business centered on ailia, a deep learning framework independently developed by the Company, we will focus on expanding sales of the AXIP series of middleware mainly for the gaming market.

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Thanks to years of research and the evolution of specialized hardware, practical AI is now a reality. Innovations previously deemed impossible, but now AI-enabled, permeate major industries. More than ever, AI is of paramount importance. At ax Inc, we provide the world with powerful tools to master this new AI era.


Preexisting AI frameworks were fragmented among devices and platforms. ax Inc. now provides a consistent, cross-platform inference environment through the development of ailia, an AI framework specialized in inference performance. ailia let's you put AI to practical use.

With its advanced algorithm engineering, ax Inc. provides innovative middleware for image and voice processing.


ax Inc. is a total solution for machine learning, from SDK tools up to integration support and application development.

  • Solution 01

    ailia SDK

    ailia SDK is a cross-platform high speed inference SDK. It provides a consistent C++ API on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, and makes good use of the GPU, if available, to serve accelerated computing. We are planning to expand our support to embedded devices using OpenCL and OpenVX.

  • Solution 02

    ailia MODELS

    ailia MODELS is a collection of models provided by ax Inc. and its partners. You can use them together with ailia SDK, as a total AI solution. And thus realize high-accuracy AI recognition tasks that were impossible before.

  • Solution 03

    ailia TRAINER

    Through ailia TRAINERS we provide support to your model training. We build trained models based both on your available data sets and big-data resources and our own algorithm engineering know-how. These trained models can then be easily deployed with ailia SDK.

  • Solution 04

    ailia CONSULTING

    ailia CONSULTING supports your integration of AI. Starting from the careful consideration of your needs, up to the use of advanced algorithmic optimizations, we support you at all steps.


Message from CEO

As an engineer I've always enjoyed things related to the development of advanced technologies, and AI is exactly this kind of exciting area for me. Especially I can't help being amazed at how deep learning is able to create algorithms that couldn't be written by humans.
I would like to realize the strong desire, as an engineer, to contribute to the development of this field with a new organization called ax.

TERADA Takehiko, ax Inc. CEO 

Name ax Inc.
Location Tokyo, Japan
19-22 Uguisudanichō Shibuya-ku
Tosōkaikan 4F
Name/Title of representative TERADA Takehiko, President and CEO
Business activities Consulting related to AI (development of AI applications, etc), development and sale of framework related to AI, sale of middleware (AXIP)
Capital 300 million yen (including capital reserve)
Financial period 31 March
Date of establishment May 22, 2019
major shareholders & shareholding ratio AXELL Co., Ltd. 90%, Vault Co., Ltd. (representative: TERADA Takehiko) 10%


Career. Ax Inc. offers the following types of jobs. Please contact us for more details.

  • Researcher

    Research and development of AI related cutting-edge technologies

  • Machine learning engineer

    Machine learning using open frameworks

  • Framework engineer

    Development of in-house AI framework using GPGPU and OpenVX

  • Application engineer

    Application development using our proprietary AI framework