ailia MODELS

ailia solution

Over 300 trained models

ailia MODELS

Over 300 trained models

Access an outstanding number of
the most advanced AI models
that you can put to use right away
without any retraining

Converted ONNX models free up the previously needed time for training, and eliminate the need to choose frameworks. You can find the most advanced AI model that serves your needs right away from our diverse and varied lineup, ready to be tried as is.


Features of ailia MODELS

01Over 300 types of trained models

The AI models have been developed by immediately introducing leading-edge AI research. We offer a full lineup that supports all kinds of AI needs, regardless of industry.

02Development made incredibly easy with no need to retrain

Just enter an AI model in ailia SDK and get the results right away. You can immediately and freely experiment with AI, significantly bypassing AI development processes.

03The most advanced AI models and samples released on “github”

Behavior-tested open-source models for ailia SDK and proprietary ax models are now available on “github.”

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You can experience AI demos and download a trial ailia SDK online.

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