ailia SDK

ailia solution

Cross-platform high-speed inferencing SDK

ailia SDK

Cross-platform high-speed inferencing SDK

In-house developed edge AI framework
you can implement on any device

Currently, existing AI frameworks are becoming segmented for different devices and platforms. With the inferencing-specialized AI framework ailia SDK, we offer a consistent and cross-platform inferencing environment. This is a world-leading AI development environment that realizes high-speed edge AI by connecting “AI models” that output various recognitions and results, and provides “execution platforms” for OSs and hardware.


Features & benefits of ailia SDK

01Delivers high-speed, cross-platform inferencing using CPUs and GPUs

In-house implemented accelerator with Vulkan, Metal, AVX and NEON enables high-speed inferencing that maximizes use of GPUs and CPUs. cuDNN can also be used if desired.

02State-of-the-art models are usable whether you’re on a PC or a mobile device

Behavior-tested open-source models for ailia SDK are now available. Supported by converted ONNX models, you can try the most advanced and varied models right away, regardless of device.

03Apps can be developed in various programming languages

Accommodates C++, Python, Java, as well as Unity (C#). You can develop apps for various industries, from communication to automotive and gaming.

04No need to install special drivers

As the model supports Vulkan (Windows/Android/Linux) and Metal (iOS, Mac), you don’t need to install special drivers and can effortlessly redistribute applications.

05Model compression and encryption makes it lighter and more secure

With proprietary weighting coefficient compression, you can save up to 1/3 in communication time and storage. Moreover, secure features are provided by encrypting the weighting coefficients.

ailia AI showcase

ailia AI showcase

Demo app

This app allows you to try various AI features effortlessly. The deep learning framework “ailia SDK” enables high-speed inferencing that maximizes the use of CPU and GPU.

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ailia AI showcase

Case study

Deployment examples


How to introduce the tutorial

You can check how to deploy by the programming language you use.

How to convert the trained model

You can see how to convert to ONNX to enable use of the trained model on ailia SDK.


You can check the API from the programming language you use.

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